3 Tips To Looking Great On Camera

In this post I will provide some makeup and mindset tips that can help you look and feel your best on camera. The tips shared here are smaller bits taken from some of my more in depth makeup lessons and spiritual development workshops.

As we head further into the digital age, we all find ourselves on more digital stages and zoom calls as a part of our daily routine. Many of us have found that our normal approaches to looking our best do not always translate well on camera, and that can affect how confidently we show up. Below I will be sharing some of the makeup tips I have learned during my career in film and tv makeup artistry. Along with some tips to tap into your inner magick so you can show up more authentically and confidently in person and on camera.

Learn more about our Makeup Lessons here. Learn more about our Spiritual Development Workshops here.

Tip 1: Enhance the center of your face ( 2 Steps).

Tip 2: Step Up The Definition (2 Steps).

Tip 3: Create a vibrational space to step in to and bring it on to camera with you.

Bonus Affirmation - ' I add value to this space. It is safe and fun to be my authentic self.

Open the fields of confidence and authenticity. I close the fields of unworthiness and discomfort.'

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