About Makeup and Magick

You might be surprised to learn all that we offer. It's WAYYY more than makeup!

Hey Guys! I wanted to write a quick (ish) post to share a bit about myself and what I do here at Makeup and Magick .

About me:

I am a 3rd generation energy worker, spiritual mentor, and licensed educator/coach (Magick). I'm also a nationally recognized and award winning a makeup artist (Makeup).

On a personal note, I am very passionate about racial justice and am committed to helping bridge the racial divide. I've partnered with multiple racial justice companies as a racial justice mentor.

Our Mission:

Makeup and Magick at its core is about self love and spiritual transformation through the arts. I created Makeup and Magick as a platform to share my gifts and be of service in a way that can be transformative and fun!


Makeup is one of the most common arts I connect through. I teach my clients personalized beauty routines that double as rituals of self compassion and empowerment. These routines help them look and feel beautiful while having a dedicated process of pouring love into themselves.


Schedule your own personalized virtual makeup lesson, which also includes:

1. A consultation call to determine your makeup application goals.

2. A review of your current makeup collection, to determine if you have the right products and tools needed to accomplish those goals.

3. A personalized shopping list of any purchases you may need to make before the virtual lesson. (This makes shopping for the perfect products SO much easier!).

4. A 60 minute personalized virtual makeup lesson.

5. A recording of the virtual lesson to review and practice along with.



I also connect with my clients through the Magickal arts. I provide spiritual guidance through oracle/tarot cards, moon workings, and the art of spiritual alchemy using the elements as tools for amplification and manifestation.

This guidance and support is designed to give my clients the tools and frameworks to create their own spiritual practice that helps them fully embody their DIVINITY.


Schedule a free Discovery Call to learn how we can help you:

1. Identify what is holding you back in your spiritual development.

2. Discover powerful practices to evolve beyond your limitations.

3. Clearly identify and further develop your intuitive voice.

4. Anchor in vibrational shifts that will help you fully embody your spiritual gifts.


Thank you for taking the time to read more about what we offer 🙏💫🧚‍♀️💕.

If you are interested in learning how I can support you in your journey of personal and spiritual transformation, schedule a Discovery Call today!

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