Altar Kit

Hello my loves! This post is to show you how to use our Altar Kit in your spiritual practice.

An altar is a sacred space for you to focus your spiritual practices. This kit is a perfect way to begin or amplify that spiritual practice. It contains a representation of each of the four elements which is recommended to be a part of your altar space. Here's what inside:

Air: An incense burner and pack of holy incense cones. Use these to cleanse your altar/home.

Fire: Candles to represent yourself and what you're calling forth and or releasing.

Water: Florida water to cleanse and heal your aura before your practices. Pour some onto your hands then wipe the back of your neck, your forehead and your heart space. Clap 3 times above your head to cleanse your aura.

Earth: Crystal to energetically charge your alter space and intentions. You can keep the stone with your when you feel led to.


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