Candle Color Meanings

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hello my loves! Here is a guide to the candle color meanings and how you use them for your spells and color magick.

I just want to make mention that the color grey/silver is not listed above.

Grey/silver candles can be used for:

Spell/hex reversals, destruction of negative energies, bringing in neutrality and stability, absorb and repel negative energy, enhance psychic skills, call upon great mother, This candle can be used to ask universe or mother earth to diffuse the negative energy without negative karmic repercussions.

Think outside the box with how you can use these in your manifesting and magickal practices!

Candles are great for energy work as well. Use a candle color that correlates to your chakras to amplify energy in that energy space.


Ways to work with the candles:


At a very basic level, you can use candles to 'call in' or to 'release' things from your experience.

You can decorate candles with sigils and other designs as well.

Pair our oils with your candle work for supercharged spell work. We will have candles and oils up for sale in the store soon, in the meantime feel free to email us to purchase!

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