Celebrate The Skin You’re In! A Movement In The Making?

A Little bit of Makeup, and a little bit of Magic at this unique event in Lancaster PA.

So I'm sitting here reflecting on last Saturday night’s event, Celebrate The Skin You’re In.

There were 10 women, from high school to retirement age; of Asian, Hispanic, and African descent. More than half of us were of mixed backgrounds, so there were SO many shades of beautiful represented. We laughed, we learned, we held space for one another to be REAL about the challenges we face with self love as women of color. Then we played with makeup! 

Our vision for this event.

My dear friend Dr. Amanda Kemp and I wanted to create a safe space to spread love and good vibes between women of color. To ignite a sense of community and sisterhood, and begin rebuilding our sense of wholeness as spiritual beings.

At the core.

At the core of this event is the goal to provide an opportunity for alchemy and self-ownership. Tools that can be used to transform our approach to self care, from the inside out.

Cultivating Our Inner Beauty.

 I am of the belief that we are energetic beings of a spiritual nature, and that we operate at our highest potential when we are aligned with the energy/vibration of our spiritual essence. I shared a tool to help us identify our limiting - low vibrational thoughts, feelings, behaviors towards self.

Why is that important?

By raising our awareness in our bodies, thoughts and actions of when we have stepped out of that alignment with our spiritual essence, it empowers us with the ability to make a different decision. One that allows us to show up embodying our fullest potential in that moment. My goal is to show how to raise this awareness while maintaining self-compassion and a solution focused mindset.

It also helped us learn ways purposefully align with our best self. #Alchemy

Cultivating Our Outer Beauty.

This class was a bit more jam-packed than most! I usually focus on one topic so that the learning has a the opportunity to go deeper, but in this class we learned about makeup and a few tips about styling curly hair.


We learned tips and tricks to create a more sculpted foundation application geared towards the specific needs of women of color. Including how to find our perfect shade of foundation, addressing dark spots, and an intro to highlighting and contouring made simple.


Since we had so many curly girls in attendance, I shared some of my favorite products and techniques for bringing out the best in your curls.  This topic is near and dear to me, because I grew up with unruly curly hair that made me feel unpretty. When I finally found the products and techniques that worked for me I finally fell in love with my hair! It caused a huge shift in the way I viewed myself  I love sharing these products and techniques with others so they can learn to love their hair too.

Taking It Further.

At the end of the event, if offered the women an opportunity to work more closely with me to take what they learned to the next level. To turn what they had just learned from interesting information, to lasting transformation. 

And I want to share that opportunity with you as well!


If you’re passionate about embodying your spiritual sovereignty and are deeply committed to your personal evolution, I would love to discuss how I can help you with the tools and mentorship that can change your life in a POWERFUL way. To inquire about mentorship, please contact us to discuss your eligibility for our Spiritual Development Breakthrough Session. In this session you will walk away knowing where you're introducing resistance onto your path that is keeping you from moving forward. We will also identify 1 action you can take to navigate around that resistance.


Our makeup workshops are designed by you! Learn how to take the stress out of your makeup/hair routine and finally feel confident in your ability to get all dolled up. Even in a time crunch!

Interested in booking a workshop? Contact us to set up your individual or group lesson! #girlsnightout !

Workshop Topics Available:

• Styling methods for curly hair

• How to curl your hair with a curling iron/flat iron

• How to apply photo friendly foundation

• Eyes, lips and cheeks – Tips for flawless application 

• How to apply liner and lashes

• How to create Beautiful Brows

Or create your own workshop!

We also offer personal shopper services where we will help you find the right products/shades/tools for your self care routine. Message us for more details!

We hope to see you at the next event! Follow us to stay in the know of upcoming workshops!