First Quarter Moon Jan. 2022 Manifest With The Moon 1.3 🌓♈🐏

Hey friends! Since you've shown interest in our moon work in the past we're sharing this quick video with you.

At a glance:

Today is The First Quarter Moon of January 2022. It is in Aries.

This is a good time to:

Take (discerning) action on any intentions you want to see made manifest.

Aries Energetics:

Be curious, adventurous, and independent on the action you take.

Consider Doing:

Move towards uncharted territories with inspiration, passion and bravery.

Consider avoiding:

Not following through. Being impulsive, impatient and selfish.

I hope this helped provide some clarity and inspiration!!

If you'd like to book a full moon reading to get clarity on how to release things in your way of manifesting your current intention, reach out here!

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