Following My Intuition Saved My Life

Intuition is a beautiful gift we are all given, here's how my gift of intuition saved my life.

Have you ever heard the saying, intuition and fear are cousins? This saying speaks to how similarly the two internal 'voices' can sound to us. While they may sound similar - fear and intuition couldn't be further apart from one another in terms of the energetic frequency they hold. If you don’t take the time to learn how to differentiate the two, you may find yourself disconnected from one of your most important spiritual assets. Your ability to discern your connection to your inner guidance.

Before we jump into it:

Why is your ability to connect to your intuition important? Because your intuition has a higher vantage point than you do. Like a 360 birds eye view on the situations surrounding your life. While we are stuck here in the physical realm so our ability to see things is more limited. When we learn to work with our intuitive guidance, we are granted access to information from that higher perspective. Which will provide us with a clarity and leverage that can change our world. And we absolutely have the power to increase our connection to this guidance. This leads me to one of the most life-altering experiences I have ever had with my intuition.

My story:

Let me preface this story by saying that at the time this occurred, I was still very much at a point of not feeling fully comfortable in trusting my intuitive voice. I had been in therapy for the past few years, really doing the work to get a handle on my mental health. I had been struggling with PTSD related depression and anxiety for much of my adult life. I was often concerned that I couldn't tell the difference between my conditioned anxiety responses and my intuition.

One day I started feeling an OVERWHELMING feeling of, “I need to get out of this apartment.” I chalked it up to me being a rolling stone in my youth and told myself that it was important that I get more comfortable with stability. While that response did ease some of the heightened energy I was feeling, for some reason this very logical thought process did not soothe me fully. Over the next few days the feeling that something was not right persisted. I leaned on all of the tools I had learned in therapy; I asked myself ‘What was this anxiety trying to tell me? Is there a fear or need being communicated here?’. I did Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to make myself feel safe and grounded in my body, yet I could not shake this feeling that I needed to get me and my family out of that apartment.

For days on end, I kept telling my partner, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep my anxiety at bay, but I can’t get it together. Being the amazing support system she always is, she encouraged me to keep at my practices and that eventually this would pass.

Another few days passed and I had finally had enough. I sat down with my partner and said “I think we really need to get out of this apartment.” She was hesitant, because we still had 3 months left on our lease and had no intention of moving. But she could tell that I was really shaken up. I told her I was afraid I was making a mistake by pushing the issue – but I had recognized a different feeling while sitting with myself in my attempt to get clarity. I no longer felt a fear, but a steady distinct urgency. It came from a different place inside of me than where the heart pounding, head spinning swell of fear and anxiety rises from.

We made the decision to leave the apartment ASAP. I found an apartment and within a matter of weeks, we were settled into our new place. Yet, a part of me felt guilty. I knew we were going to have to pay a few thousand dollars for breaking that lease. I started to question my decision, but a small voice inside of me told me that I had taken the right action and that I would have lost even more had I stayed.

Months passed and I put the whole situation out of my mind. Then one morning I got a message from a family member – a fire had broken out in the apartment building I had been living in. The entire building had been burned to the ground and was no longer even standing. Further investigation shows that the fire originated in the apartment we had been living in. I was SHAKING! I took a deep breath, looked up to the heavens and thanked Spirit through tears of gratitude.

This is why I make it SUCH an important part of my daily practice to connect with the divine, and take control of my vibrational state. It’s why I offer the services that I do to help others learn how to do the same. Because we have access to so much more than many of us have been taught, and I am committed to helping bridge that gap for as many people as I can.

While this story may be amazing, it is not the only time that my intuitive guidance has MOVED MOUNTAINS for me in my life. And it can do the same for you, if you learn how to connect with it. I want to invite you to consider making this connection more of a priority in your life.

For the record:

In my work as an intuitive guide, the most common areas of focus my clients bring up in our sessions is learning how to recognize and trust their intuition. So there's a good chance you may be experiencing the same thing.

If you’d like support and clarity in strengthening your own guidance, book a clarity session with me.

Exercises to put you in touch with hearing your intuitive guidance and take control of your vibrational state:

One of the ways that our intuition communicates with us is through our body. Recognizing how our inner truth communicates with us is crucial step to take in our journey of working more closely with our internal guidance.

Exercise 1:

A truth and a lie. Tell yourself an absolute truth that has no room for misinterpretation. For example - an absolute truth for me would be: 'My name is Melody Leon and I am a 38 year old woman who loves chocolate.' When you tell yourself this truth, notice if you feel any energy shifts. Where in your body do you feel it? Does it feel expansive or contracting? Does it feel tingly, or peaceful and calm?

Now tell yourself an absolute lie. Follow the instructions above and notice what you feel and where you feel it. Now compare the differences in what you noticed. Make a note of it, and do this exercise often so that you can get used to how your body communicates the feeling of truth to you. Once you get used to the differences in your body, start to incorporate questions about situations you'd like intuitive guidance on.

Have an open mind, and make sure to occasionally reflect on any situations that may prove to you that your intuitive guidance is steering you correctly. When you take the time to recognize the guidance you are receiving and show gratitude for it, it stregnthens your relationship and trust with this guidance.

In my personal journey I have found the following to be true:

Exercise 2:


THIS IS IMPORTANT. For most of us, our mind is focused of lack and fear. So it's necessary for us to program our vibration and perception more positively. This will allow us to be closer to the energetic state of spirit, thus make it easier to hear our inner guidance.

We set ourselves up for the most success when we do this in a relaxed environment. Find a specific entry point to begin with - like allowing in more self love.

Watch this video to view a walkthrough of using the Focus Wheel as a tool for prepaving

a higher vibrational state.

Download the Focus Wheel PDF here.

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