How can we connect more deeply with the spiritual support available to us?

We are not all our own in this journey we call life ! Allow yourself to receive guidance from those who have come before us.

The power of our lineage and DNA

Hey friends! I'm so excited to share some of the concepts that are in this blog post because I truly believe that we as a collective are in need of richer, deeper spiritual connections that make us feel empowered and supported.

In this post I will be sharing some practices and thought processes that helped me feel more spiritually supported in my journey, I'll also be offering some practices you can use to connect more deeply with your spiritual support team.

When I started on my journey of getting in touch with what made me feel more spiritually empowered, one of the concepts that made a HUGE impact on my perception is the concept of having a tribe of spiritual support available to me through my connection to them via my DNA.

Knowing that I am never truly alone and that I had access to those who came before me to help carry me through my journey literally felt like a load was lifted off of my shoulders.

I learned this though my studies of multiple spiritual practices such as Shamanism and Yoruba religious concepts.

Living life more deeply connected with my ancestors and spiritual support team has allowed me to expand my container for healing, deepen my relationships, and step more fully into my purpose of helping others to do the same.

One of the ways that I have anchored my connection to this spiritual support, is to treat each day like a 'ceremony' and welcome in my ancestors and spirtual guides to join me for the day. I invite them to experience the beauty and wonder of life alongside me. I thank them for paving the way for me to be here. I ask that as I heal, that it contributes to the healing of our lineage; past, present and future. I ask them to contribute their power and support to me in the creation of what it is I'd like to experience that day.

More can be said about how I make our relationship an equal energetic exchange and provide them with thanks and offerings, but that will be for another post.

Treating each day as a Ceremony.

What exactly is a ceremony? The definition I found is: a formal religious or public occasion, typically one celebrating a particular event or anniversary.

While that may be a generally accepted definition, I look at it like this: What is more worthy of celebration than another day of life that we were blessed to experience?

With that in mind, I treat nearly everyday as an occasion that I'd like to celebrate and honor.

I honor it with prayer, and call in my ancestors to help me amplify that prayer. I want to invite you to do the same!

How can you incorporate this?

Start with whatever feels good to you. Maybe take a few moments while you brush your teeth to think of someone in your life who is no longer with you who blessed you with amazing advice. Thank them for that advice. Ask them to help you remember that advice when you enter your day. Then imagine your day being filled with love, joy, peace and whatever else feels right to you. Finish off by cultivating a feeling of gratitude that it is already done. Then at the end of the day, maybe before drifting off to sleep, take a minute to reflect on how this affected your day. Did you feel the presence of the ancestor you called in? Did you find yourself influenced by the energy of the advice they once imparted you with? Did you at any point feel empowered by starting your day in such an intentional way? Even if you didn't feel anything (these connections can sometimes take time to recognize) give thanks to that ancestor and whoever else you consider your spiritual support team and close the 'ceremony' of your day. Cultivate a feeling of gratitude and set an intention for the next day to be equally or even more blessed.

A recent ceremonial prayer I led

I recently had the opportunity to lead an opening prayer for a local event showcasing some of the talent in my area. You can watch the ceremonial opening from the event here on TikTok. Be sure to give me a follow while you're there!

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