Leave That MF Alone!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello my love! It's time to take action and rid yourself of that toxic relationship that has been holding you back for WAY TOO LONG! If you do not have the tools needed for this ceremony, email me at contactmelodyleon@gmail.com to purchase the kit containing everything you need.

DISCLAIMER: If you are not 100% sure that you are ready to cut ties, DO NOT DO THIS CEREMONY. It will cause MORE turmoil in the situation!

Here's the layout:

  1. Take some time for yourself to do this ceremony undisturbed. Consider how long you want to spend in the bath. Smudging only takes a few minutes, depending on the size of your home. The candle inscribing portion only takes a few minutes, but the candle itself will burn for up to 3 hours - make sure it can be undisturbed for the entirety of this time.

  2. Cleanse your space and candle with the smudge stick. Below is a quick breakdown on how to cleanse and a simple prayer you can use to say while you cleanse it.

If you prefer video learning, watch our video here!

Always use caution and safety when burning and putting out products. Open all of your windows and doors before lighting. This will give the negative energies a way to leave you and your home.

Light the cleansing medium, and walk through the home from the back to the entrance way repeatedly saying this or a similar prayer:

'I banish all negative attachments within and without. As the smoke

flows, let it be a beacon welcoming positive energy and protection.

I welcome and receive these blessings. So it is.' (or Amen/Ashe)

(Steps 3 & 4 can be done interchangeably)

3. Complete the candle ceremony: Here's a video walking you through it, from beginning to completion. You can use the remainder of the oil to anoint yourself as you feel led to recharge yourself and the ceremony. You can also use it in future candle ceremonies as well.

4. Enjoy your bath:

(Consider listening to this healing hymn while you bathe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGPD9YtgG6U)

Bath Directions:

Option 1 : Speak the incantation to the bath elements. Boil at least 2 cups of water in a pot or kettle. Pour bath contents into the included tea bag, and steep in the boiling water. Wait for the steeped mixture to cool down to a safe temperature , and pour it over your head while standing in your filled bath tub. Soak for desired amount of time while imagining yourself embodying the life you desire.

Option 2: Speak the incantation to the bath elements. Pour bath contents into the included tea bag. Steep tea bag in your warm bath water for a few minutes. Soak for desired amount of time while imagining yourself embodying the life you desire.

5. Optional: Use the Cascarilla powder as a floor wash - instructions for doing so are in the video linked in step 3.

6. Dispose of the ceremony remains:

Option 1 : Take a hike and bury the remains. The further away from your home you can dispose of these remains the better. (I had a friend who took a road trip to bury the remains, and had great result while making it a fun experience!)

DO NOT bury them in the land on your property.

As you bury them, say this or a similar prayer:

"As I return these remains to you mother earth, may they cause your land no harm. Thank you for your help in completing this ceremony and for contributing your energy and magick in bringing this situation to a close. I gratefully accept your healing now. Ashe. (or Amen/Aho/So it is).

Option 2: If going out into nature is not an option, say the above prayer and throw the remains out in your trash. The trash eventually ends up in the landfill, so it will be returned to mother earth that way.

The important part is to be intentional about closing the ceremony while disposing of the remains, and not just throwing everything away.

That's it! Celebrate yourself for investing in yourself enough to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! You are worthy, and you are loved 💕✨😘.



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