Makeup and Magick

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Lancaster, PA professional makeup artist hosts workshop dedicated to cultivating inner and outer beauty.

Good vibes and supportive energy:

Hey Friends! Melody here and I want to share a bit out this event. This workshop is near and dear to my heart and I LOVE sharing the message as well as the tools within it.

I've been doing and teaching others how to do makeup for a LONG time. Products change, trends come and go, but the 1 thing that has remained a constant is the unloving ways that clients speak about themselves when they look in the mirror. It's heartbreaking.

Of course, I have always made it a point to encourage them to speak more highly of themselves. I point out all of their beautiful features and positive characteristics.

As I poured good vibes and supportive energy into my clients, I would watch and feel their energy rise to a higher place. By the end of our time together they were feeling great and almost always would say, I wish I could have you come do this with me everyday.

So it got me thinking, why can't I? I mean obviously not literally lol. But I could share with my clients the tools that I used that helped myself get to an empowered an compassionate internal space.

And that's how Makeup and Magick was born.

What It Is:

Makeup + Magick is a hands-on workshop that combines the best of both worlds in being beautiful. The class is a little different each time, but the premise is the same.

Part 1 - Makeup In this portion we focus mainly on the makeup lesson,. The lessons rotate between foundation, eyeshadow, liner and lashes etc. While the class is taking place and everyone is practicing what they're learning in their mirror in front of them, we also make it our intention to be aware of our dialogue about self, both internal and external.

Part 2 - Magick We then take selfies. Lol but after that, we learn tools to identify and release the negative beliefs about self we noticed during part 1. This. Is. SO. Powerful.

Why do we do this?

Because it's our way of giving back some of the love that The Universe has shown us and continues to show us. Why stop at noticing this need for people to love themselves? Why stop at the thought, 'I wish more of us were taught the tools to love and empower ourselves.'? WE can teach these tools and create a safe space to put them into practice. We are committing to BEING the change we wish to see in the world.

How to Register:

Click HERE to schedule a Makeup and Magick session. Want to see a sneak peak into the content? Watch this quick video 🥰. See the other workshops we offer here. Thanks for reading! We look forward connecting

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