Blush Beautiful Competes at a Local Makeup Competition!

Melody Leon of Blush Beautiful takes home 2nd place at the first annual Battle Of Da Brushes 2019


Hey everyone! I am SO excited to share my experience at this past weekends Battle Of Da Brushes!

The organizer's of the event initially offered 4 categories to choose from to compete in, but there wound up only being 3 competitions.


The organizers:

Yarlin & Joanna (pictured to the right) did a fantastic job with communicating with us artists and helping us feel excited about the event. I was so thankful for Yarlin for reminding me that the most important thing was to HAVE FUN with the experience. (Which can sometimes slip your mind when you're nervous about competing.)


I competed in the Celebrity Inspired category.

This required me to create a look inspired by Marilyn Monroe. (Who just so happens to be one of my favorite icons.

-However, the plot thickens on my experience actually creating this look. More on this, after I introduce the judges:

The Guest Judges

were awesome to meet and made me feel so great about the competition.

I was SUPER grateful for @nathaninbloom for helping me when the plot thickened while I was competing.

See, I didn't continue to follow up with the posts that the @battle_of_da_brushes posted leading up to the event, so I misunderstood the category. I thought that the artists would be picking the look to recreate. So I had been practicing a smokey eye and nude lip inspired by the actress Zendaya.

As the competition was getting ready to begin, the big screens popped up a picture of Marilyn Monroe, and our amazing hostess @lolachachaamore (pictured below) started introducing the category as the picture we would be using to inspire our makeup application.


I had a micro panic attack

because I knew that I didn't have MANY of the products and colors with me that I would need to recreate this look in a way I would have liked to.

I leaned over to Lola and explained that I wasn't prepared to create the look, and explained my situation. She brought over Nathan (the judge) and he looked me right in the eyes and said something along the lines of,'This is an opportunity to show your creativity, use what you've got to create the look you need to create."

I immediately felt better, because he remind