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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Budgeproof makeup with Duraline.

Hey everyone, I am SO excited to share this pro tip/product with you!

Duraline by Inglot is listed as an eye primer on the Inglot website, but this product is SO much more than that! The possibilities with this product are ENDLESS. Be low I am going to share what the website states about this product, then I will share my personal thoughts on the product and why I decided to share it with all of you. I will also share 2 of my favorite 'outside of the box' uses for this product.

Website Description:

This transparent liquid can be mixed with any makeup product to prolong its durability and to transform it into a waterproof formulation. A drop of Duraline will enhance its color and make the product last longer.

Duraline can easily transform any eye shadow into a liquid eyeliner. The product makes the application of loose eye shadows easier, simultaneously enhancing the color. It also quickly and effectively restores the right consistency of brow or gel eyeliner.

Why I Love it!

It allows you to customize the consistency of different products while simultaneously bringing the BEST out in them. It's SO good for you products self esteem - the best friend they never knew they needed!

My 2 favorite outside of the box use for Duraline:

#1 Super Smooth Under Eye Coverage:

Rub a drop of duraline under the eyes after your moisturizer and before your concealer. Watch how easily your concealer blends out without compromising the color payoff. If you use powder to set your under eye concealer, the powder will appear less cakey and more hydrated.

#2 Sheer out creme blushes and contours:

Ever wish there was an easier way to apply and blend cream blushe and contour products? Well wish granted! Adding the tiniest bit of Duraline to your cream products helps you customize the color payoff and blend out the product with ease.

Watch the video we made showing you how I achieve these 2 makeup tips with duraline.

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