What's In My Kit : Must-Have Foundation

Cinema Secrets Ultra Foundation is STAPLE in my professional makeup kit. In this blog I'm going to share my top 3 reasons I chose to feature it in this "What's in My Kit" series.

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Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation

What it is:

A highly pigmented silicone-wax based cream foundation with a natural-matte finish that wears like a second skin. It provides sheer-to-full coverage.

YES, you read that right: SHEER TO FULL coverage. Talk about versatility <3.

Pictured below are 2 swatches of the Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in the shade 403-05.

I used 2 different application methods so that you can get a visual example of how this product can perform.

The top swatch:

Was created by buffing the foundation with circular motions with a tapered brush like the one pictured to the left.

The bottom swatch:

Was created by packing on the foundation with a dense dome brush like the one pictured below.

Why I LOVE it:

Top 3 Reasons

1. Versatility -

Not only is it versatile in its ability to create a variety of coverage options, but it works well on every skin type, including:

✔ Normal ✔ Dry ✔ Combination ✔ Oily

✔ Sensitive

Lastly in the versatility section, this product allows you to custom blend colors for your foundation, highlight and contour shades, which allows you to create a perfectly sculpted look without needing any other products.

2. Convenience-

Cinema Secrets offers these 5-In-1 palettes that you can carry in your kit and only take up a relatively small amount of space. They are also organized in a way that makes color matching SUPER easy. Click here to learn more!

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation 5-in-1 Palettes

3. This product is cruelty-free! The number of clients wanting cruelty-free makeup options is growing RAPIDLY. Carrying these products allows you to cater to that market as well.


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