New Beginnings With The New Moon!

Need a fresh start? Here are some tips to help you with new beginnings this New Moon!


This week's magical guidance will be coming from with the Queen of the Moon Oracle. Each day of the next week we are going to start the day with intention by reading the wisdom offered by the cards and meditate on the mantra for the day!

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New Moon: Friday 5/22/2020

New Beginnings. You are being offered a fresh start; your journey is beginning. Take the first steps towards something new. It is time to place emphasis on your health and well-being.

Mantra for this day:

'I accept and rejoice in renewal and its beginnings'


Waxing Crescent 1: Saturday 5/23/2020

Realization. With self-awareness comes realization. Knowledge is power. Self examination of your role within a situation is important.

Mantra for this day:

'I have timely self-awareness and act upon my realizations.'


Waxing Crescent 2: Sunday 5/24/2020

Acceptance. Acceptance of the current situation is the first step to change. The past does not exist, the future hasn't happened yet; there is only right now.

Mantra for this day:

'I accept where I am and who I am, right now.'


Waxing Crescent 3: Monday 5/25/2020

Growth. Reject stagnancy; to get unstuck, take action. The choice to grow should be made. Expect growing pains when you make huge changes in your life. Change is a normal part of life, it cannot be pushed against fear. Change should have aim and purpose. Be courageous, you will blossom!

Mantra for this day:

'I choose growth.'


Waxing Crescent 4: Tuesday 5/26/2020

Self-love. Radical self-love is necessary. Empowerment starts from the inside out. Do not compare yourself to others: Start your change with focus and love of self.

Mantra for this day:

'Every day I bring radical self-love to my mind, body, and spirit.'


Waxing Crescent 5:Wednesday 5/27/2020

Nourishment.Choose to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Feed your values. When you are jealous or envious, it is a sign of what you are actually hungering for. Pay attention to your health.

Mantra for this day:

'I choose to nourish myself.'


Waxing Crescent 6:Thursday 5/28/2020

The Path. The way is open for you, the path is illuminated. Begin your journey now. Respond and take action. We must be courageous and move forward.

Mantra for this day: