Reclaiming Your Pleasure

Sexual liberation comes in layers.

It is an ever evolving process that shifts as you uncover and redefine who you are at your core.

I currently find myself amidst another cycle of sexual liberation.

One that is all about what sensuality and pleasure could mean for me with fresh eyes...

If I stripped away all previous expectations of what it SHOULD mean. (Most of which were implanted by a profoundly unhealthy society.)

And allowed myself to learn what they COULD mean for me if I allow myself to further heal my divine feminine energy.

I want to share with you one of the processes I'm doing that could help you in your own journey of Reclaiming Your Pleasure!

I would first like to thank my dear friend Dr. Isha Vela of (R)evolutionary Rompereglas for holding the space for me to take this work further. And for teaching me the exercise I'm about to share with you as an invitation.


Set aside some time to RECLAIM your body and sensuality.

All you need is:

15 (undisturbed) minutes 3-4 songs that makes you feel sexy A mirror ( full length is best)

Stand in front of the mirror while the music plays.

Your intention is to pour love, appreciation, and pleasure into every inch of your body.

Find enjoyment in both the giving and receiving of this process.

SLOWLY start to touch whatever parts of your body you feel led to touch, in whatever way you felt led to touch/massage/trace over them.

Over each part you touch, either out loud or in your mind, claim this part as belonging to you. Do so with conviction!

These are MY lips... as you trace over them softly and thank them for the times they spoke your truth or allowed you to enjoy the pleasure of kissing a loved one.

These are MY you grab them in a way that feels good to you. Recalling a time you chose to wrap them around someone who you enjoyed sharing an intimate moment with.

Invite in energies you may not normally associate with sensuality and maybe innocence.

Is there a part of you that you find particularly attractive? FLIRT with it!

Is there a part of you that you have a hard time accepting? Place your hands over it lovingly and tell it that you're willing to accept and love it AS IS.

When you're done, take a moment to notice how you feel, and take an emotional snapshot of this feeling. Tuck that snapshot away into your heartspace for you to recall on and invigorate yourself with at a later time when you need the boost!

Set a reminder in your phone to do this at least twice a week. Your body will THANK YOU for it 💕.

Thank you for reading! Take a look around the site or other blog posts while you're here!

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hard time accepting? Place your hands over it lovingly, an

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