The Power of a Simple Morning Routine

The simple routine that has increased my ability to manifest!

If you're anything like me, you are all about learning and trying ways to be a more powerful creator and manifest the best life possible for yourself. On my journey, I have learned that some days are easier than others, but consistency is KEY!

The challenge for me is, sometimes I have a REALLY hard time being consistent, so I needed to find something that was simple enough to commit to on my difficult days - but POWERFUL enough to make a serious impact in my world.

Here's a quick (5 Minute) minute video of me sharing the simple routine that keeps me grounded and helps me focused on what energies and actions I want to create my day with!

My Morning Routine:

1. Cleanse my physical/ spiritual space:

I like to start with fresh energy - so I use sage to clear away any lingering negative energies from myself and my home. Sage also has antibacterial properties that cleanse and purify your physical space as well - which is a great additional benefit.

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2. Focus on my intentions:

I don't know about you, but between my mile long to do list, and the distractions of the world around me, I find it VERY easy to get distracted. By focusing on the intentions I have for myself for the day (or even the a portion of the day) I find myself more easily able to harness my attention and energy on the things that are most important and of highest priority.

The important distinction here is - I focus on the FEELINGS I want to bring into the situation.

For example: I have learned that my brain tends to overcomplicate things and it sometimes leads to analysis paralysis. So when I set my intention I will call in things like:



Inspired action and the trust to follow it.

Alignment with the perspective that my inner Goddess holds.

Self worth.

I release things like:


Limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions.



Negative energies.

By focusing on these feelings, I create an internal state that makes my body a vessel that is vibrationally prepared to receive the blessings of the Universe; which leads me to the achievement of what I've intended.

I leave the HOW to the Universe - who is much better equipped to move the pieces into place for me.

I choose to trust that I will be lead to inspired action that will make the process come with ease and clarity. And I watch the miracles unfold. Again and again.

It took some time to get comfortable with this practice. I was so used to living in lack mentality and my body was used to being in a vibrational state of survival and fear.

But by dedicating myself to this practice - and making it a point TO LOOK FOR THE PROOF that it was working, I slowly began to trust that the Universe does indeed have my back. That I am truly favored and worthy of the blessings all around me. And that things are always working out FOR ME - because the Universe isn't limited by logic, time or any of the other concepts we impose on ourselves.

Why not give this a try?

I am a frim believer that words don't teach nearly as much as life experience does. So give this a try! Commit to something as simple as a 4 day trial. You will be SO glad you did!

Here is a link to a downloadable pdf you can use. Its the sheet I am referring to in the above mentioned video.

Here is a link to one of my videos walking you through a secondary way you can use this sheet!

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