What's In My Kit: Disinfecting Agents

So I know this may sound nerdy, but I'm super excited about sharing this helpful information relating to Infection Control. I will be discussing the importance of proper sanitation as well as share the products that I use to keep my brushes, tools and products up to EPA standards of Infection Control.

A Short Preface:

Why are Infection Control procedures important?

Because improper infection control can lead to a client contracting MANY types of bacteria that can cause infections. Including, but not limited to:

  • Staph Infections

  • E-Coli Infections

  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Many clients assume that their Makeup Artist understands and complies with proper infection control procedures.

You may be SHOCKED to learned just how many Makeup Artists DO NOT.

In this day and age of 'I learned on YouTube how to do makeup' , many self-taught artists were NEVER taught how to keep their brushes, tools, or products in sanitary conditions.

Even if a makeup artist states to have a Makeup Artist Certification:

There is no guarantee that the certification course they took covered proper infection control procedures.

The reason being is, ANYONE can create a Makeup Artistry Certification course. The state of Pennsylvania does not regulate certification programs given outside of Licensed Cosmetology or Esthetician schools.

That means that no one is regulating whether or not the information being taught in that Certification course is up to date with EPA requirements for proper infection control protocol.

What I am NOT saying is:

That every self-taught makeup artist is not aware of how to keep their kit and products clean. Nor am I suggesting that every Licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician upholds the standards of infection control that they were taught.

What I AM saying is:

Make an INFORMED decision. Ask your artist about their infection control procedures. Ask if they use disposable applicators. Ask if the brush cleaner they use is antimicrobial, meaning that it prevents the spread of bacteria, fungi and some viruses. Trust me, if they are a professional, and understand the importance of implementing proper infection control, they should have NO gripes about you asking these types of questions.


Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner: