What's In My Kit : Eye Shadow Bases

A great base to prime the eye for the application of shadow is a very important step to creating a makeup look. Let's explore the different bases in my kit, and what I use them for.


What is the purpose of an eye shadow base or primer?

To provide a smooth working base for the eye shadow that will be placed on top. It allows for the shadows to blend more easily, last longer and some bases also intensify the pigment of the shadow placed on top of them.

Which eye shadow base is for you?

It is totally up to you and what effect you are looking for! Just keep in mind that if you have mature skin, some of the heavier consistency of bases and foil bases might want accentuate fine lines on the skin.

Let's start with the types of bases first.

1. Concealer

There are SO many different types of concealers, and they can do a good job at providing a solid base for your eye shadows. Try setting the concealer with a skin-toned shade of shadow to help with the ease of blending before beginning your shadow application.

2. Colored Cream Bases

These cream shadows can be used on their own, but provide a base color to place on the eye as a base. It will allow for whatever shadow that is placed on top of it, to be more long lasting and have a slight undertone of this cream base. I used this under soft shadows for MOB who need long wear, but a subtle effect.

3. Foiled Shadow Bases

These foil shadows can also be used on their own, but are AWESOME to place under shadow to intensify the effect. It also extends the wear time of the shadows you place on top of them. Due to the consistency of these shadows, they are best used on the lid space. They can accentuate imperfections on the skin, and in general, matte finishes are best on the crease and brow bone.


Let's Take a look at how these bases effect the shadows you place on top of them.

Matte Shadow

Loose Pigment Shadow